Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Halloween Party


Jack and I were playing around and he decided to put me in a headlock.
Jack is such the goober
My goofy pic of the day!
Jack's cute painted pumpkin!
The skull cake that Jack and I made for Halloween
Here is the finished table that we decorated.
We had a BLAST!

So yeah, I have been really behind in posting things on my blog, but have been so busy here lately. In this past week alone i had 3 tests and a 15 page paper. I really hope that the rest of this semester will fly by. I am so tired of school. This semester has been completely overwhelming, to say the least. I am really excited about the changes in both Terry's and my life. God has really been working on us the past few months. Although, it has not been the easiest around here. It has been the most enjoyable time for terry and I. We have grown so close and we can't wait for the exciting journey down the road. Can't wait! :) Well, I'm super excited because this next month on the 20 of November marks 5 years for Terry and I. I can't believe time has flew. It seems like just yesterday when Terry was deathly afraid of holding my hand (super shy), but loved every minute of it. Well, gotta go everyone is home and we are about to eat. Hope i can keep my blog up this time. Lol we will see.