Monday, December 6, 2010

A quick overview

It has been a while since I last posted on this blog. After Terry and I got married I changed the name of our blog and when I did it created a whole new blog. Not exactly sure but whatever. Our new blog is it is called Living as a Lyles. I really don't get to blog very much since I am so busy. I can't believe Terry and I have been married almost 5 months... It is crazy to even think about! Knave enjoyed being married so much. Terry is such a wonderful husband. I love him so much.
In the past five months Terry and I have been able to experience holidays for the first time as a married couple. For Halloween Terry and I bought our first pumpkin and it was so much fun carving it together. Never realized how messy a pumpkin is. Next, we did Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving couldn't ask for more loving families. It is so different being married sometimes I have to stop and think about it in considering we dated for half a flipping decade!... Lol!! I never really got the chance to post what all I am thankful for, but I guess now is never to late! I am thankful for:
* I am so thankful that I am given the chance to serve such an awesome Lord! In the past few months he has really showed Terry and I what our calling is and in what way we are supposed to serve him.
* I am so thankful for the lord sending us to Revision to serve. I am so thankful for our friends there and I am so happy to be able to serve along with them.
* I am so thankful for both sets of parents. They have been extremely supportive of us and our decisions. Couldn't be more excited to now have another set of wonderful parents.
* I am so thankful for having the financial stability that we have had since we have been married. About a year ago I was questioning how in the world we were even going to be able to get by. The Lord has definitely provided.
* I am so thankful to here that my sister and her husband are having a baby a so far everything is going well. Can't wait to be an aunt this will be so much fun.
* I am so thankful to have a wonderful job and work with wonderful people.
* Lastly, I am so thankful for my wonderful husband. He has been a wonderful leader in our marriage. He is such the encourager and I am quite thankful for that. He helps motivate me when it comes to school stuff. He is a wonderful best friend. I love you Terry thank you for being so great.

So my most fave time of the year is here! I am super excited and pumped. Terry and I decided to put our tree up even before thanksgiving. Our tree is too cute and I will be posting those pics very soon. I am so super pumped about 2011! Revision is finally launching! I can't wait. Well I guess I go to bed now. Goodnight!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last Blog as Ms. Kayla Yvonne Howard

So today I officially have 1 week left until I get hitched. I am so excited, but so very nervous. I have so much to do within this last week and it is driving me NUTS! I can't wait for next Saturday to be here. I have to say that it has been fun being a Howard, but I am so ready to be a Lyles! Terry and I have had the best time with the past 5 1/2 years. Don't get me wrong, not everything went smoothly. We have shared ups and downs, but being able to truly go through it together will be amazing. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him. I know that as long as we are putting God first in our life, he will bless our marriage. This journey of dating Terry has been Great, but the journey within marriage will be Amazing! Terry I can't wait till next weekend to finally be your wife. I love you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can't Wait!!!!!

Wow! It has been forever since I blogged last. I have never been so super excited in my life till now. Terry and I have 22 days till we are married. So Ready for this! So in the past two weeks I have had two showers. The Howard shower was my bathroom and bedroom shower. My Aunt's got my bedding set. We got a tons of nice bathroom decor. I love everything. Terry and I got brown towels, which Terry needed. The day after we got them I decided to go ahead and wash them, but what i didn't realize is that the brown towels would make tons of brown lent for a while. Oh my gosh the brown fuzzies have been ridiculous! We have yet to get them out of the closet. The second shower was thrown by Mrs. Mary Fore. The cake was so pretty. This shower was with my coworkers from Daycare and some of my moms closest friends. At this shower the guests were ask to bring recipes for my recipe book. Terry and I are so grateful for all the gifts that we have received. So the details are going great with the wedding. I decided to let my bridesmaids carry lanterns instead of flowers. My flower girls and ring bearer are going barefoot, which i think is super cute. I am so ready to be married but I do have to admit that I am unbelievably nervous about standing in front of people. So some very unfortunate things have been happening to us. About a week ago, I found out that I don't have a photographer for the wedding. Terry and I were really excited about this particular person taking our pics, but unfortunately what she said she needed to charge us, Terry and I just couldn't afford. I really hate it because i was looking forward to it. Since then, I have checked with 6 other people a couple of people that Terry's Aunt Heather knows and some people that other people knew. The most unfortunate thing about it everyone was either booked or was going out of town. I am just going to continue to pray about it and hope that someone comes about that is reasonably priced and that will do their best to gets good snapshots of Terry and I on our BIG day.
It is so hard to believe that Terry and I have been together for 5 years and 7 months. Terry and I starting dating on November 20, 2004. We met at DeSoto Central in our Sophomore year of high school. We were Sophomore Sweethearts and that year was so super sweet and fun! The past 5 years has flown by. It has been filled with ups and downs,laughing and crying, and so much more. Meeting Terry has been the best thing that has ever happened. I have never met anyone that i am more compatible with than him. He is the most amazing, thoughtful, and caring person ever. I love him so much and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. 22 Days please hurry up!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My first Blog Award!

Well here I go... I just want to thank Audrey Williams for giving me this bloggie award. Audrey is one of the most caring and sweetest person I know. I have known Audrey and her husband, Ben for alittle over 3 years now. I am very thankful that God sent this couple my way. They have been there in times of encouragement, times of stress (which has been a ton here lately all summed up in one word WEDDING), and in times of happiness. My fiance and I know Audrey throw our church. Her husband is the Youth Pastor there. Through discipleship with Ben and Audrey. My life, as well as, my fiance's life has dramatically changed. It is awesome what God is doing in our life. Audrey has helped me out so much with my wedding stuff and overcoming the stress that comes with the wedding and marriage. I am so grateful that I have a friend like her.

now that i have followed the first rule of the blog award (thanking Audrey) i will tell you the next 3 rules: pass the award to 7 other bloggers, tell them they've won the award, & tell 7 things about yourself. Well since i am new to this blog thing and don't have many friends i talk to on a normal basis i am going to nominate 3 so here i go:

I nominate the following extraordinary bloggers:

Audrey from the Joys of raising Jack. Like I said above Audrey is a sweet person with a humble and uplifting spirit. I am super excited that Audrey is one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. She has been one of my closest friends during this whole wedding process. Believe me, I have needed tons of help. I am clueless when it comes to wedding stuff. I enjoy reading Audrey's blog. Her uplifting info on life, marriage, and family keep me focused. Her words of encouragement about giving it all to God has helped me a lot here lately and I am so thankful for that.

Katie from the Kublers. Katie is one of the most creative person that i know. She can take dirt and turn it into the most unbelievable decor. I love that about her. She is also one of the best deal finders. Her husband Josh is also in my wedding. He is one of my fiance's groomsman and he is also playing his guitar at our wedding. I am super excited. Katie's blog ensures my that Terry and I can do this whole marriage thing as long as we have God first.

Brittany from the Dalomba days. Brittany is one of the most hilarious people I know. She can definately make you bust a gut when she tells you some of her ER stories. It is great. Brittany and her husband, Job, have also been very encouraging to Terry and I throughout this engagement process. The are a sweet couple. Job is also one of Terry's groomsman in our wedding. In the past year they have built a friendship and I am thankful for that because my fiance, Terry needs that.

God has really placed worship ministry on his heart and Job, Josh, and Ben have really helped him through this.

now i must contact these 3 girls about their award.

Oh goodness, here we go... 7 Things about me:
1. I love spending time with my fiance.
2. I enjoy making cakes.
3. I can't stand Walmart even though it seems that, that is where my fiance and i tend to end up every date night.
4. My new favorite movie is Avatar. I don't know why it is just one of those movies that i can just watch over and over.
5. I love doing people's hair for their wedding, prom, or just to go out.
6. I love to decorate.
7. I absolutely love the color chocolate brown and the way it goes with just about anything.

That's it. All done. feel free to follow all the rules or you can just list the 7 things about yourself. Hope you have a great weekend and try to stay dry!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Exciting things are about to happen.

Believe it or not Terry and I only have 71 days to go before we make the biggest commitment of our lives. I am so ready. Terry and I have been dating for almost 5 1/2 years. We have enjoyed every second of it. I am so thankful that we have close friends like Ben and Audrey Williams. Ben is going to be our minister at the wedding, in which I am so thankful for. Maybe I won't be so unbelievably nervous that 100-200 people are staring at me. Audrey has helped out me by telling me when i should do things like sending out invitations, when we should get the grooms and groomsmen outfits, (which by the way, Terry picked them out and I loved them) and Audrey also told me about this wonderful lady named Mrs. Hein. Mrs. Hein does alterations for just about anything. I can't wait till this Saturday because I am going to go try on my dress again with my mom, sister, and soon-to-be mother-in-law. That same day my sister Samantha is getting her dress priced for alterations for her wedding, which is October 9th and my soon-to-be is getting her dress for my wedding altered as well. Her dress is gorgeous!
Well on to bigger things... Today Terry and I will be signing our lease on our cute little apartment in Byhalia. We are so excited and can't wait to show pictures. Terry will be moving in on the 15th so we can start decorating. Yay! At the top of this post you will see that i have posted some of our engagement pictures. Mrs. Terri Purvis took our engagement shoot. We are so thankful and very pleased with the way our pictures turned out. I am so ready for July to be here!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something old, Something new, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

This past Saturday I did a Bride-to-Be shoot with Kelsey Lantrip and Johnny Rogers. The shot was so much fun... I was able to get my makeup done by a sweet girl named Jessica. Tiffany Hickman went with and we had a blast even though we walked nearly 85 out of the 96 acres at Botanical Gardens to find Kelsey. This shoot was so much fun... This picture I know made Elvis Presley proud... The blue shoes are amazing and surprisingly not so uncomfortable to walk in... I can't thank Kelsey and Johnny enough for allowing me to be involved in this shoot... I am so super excited to be marrying the love of my life in less than 4 months! Yeppy! Well I hope everyone has an outstanding weekend!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I just love free stuff!

This morning I went to clean Mrs. Barbara's house. While I was there I noticed she had redecorated some things in her home. When I was finished cleaning Mrs. Barbara asked me if I would like any of the cafe stuff she had in her home. I said sure and so this is what I came out with...

She gave me 4 practically brand new ceramic cafe wall art. I love them they will go great with my fat chef stuff!

This is one of my faves... It is the metal cafe wall art... Love it!

Here are 4 small picture frames with coffee cups on them... These more than likely will be used differently. I don't really care to much for the picture but it love the frames..

These are just bigger picture frames... Not exactly sure what we will do with these, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Thank you Mrs. Barbara for all these lovely things. We greatly appreciate them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Sweetheart Cupcakes! Yummy!

Yesterday on my day off from work, I decided to make my lovely fiance some Sweetheart cupcakes. I mixed red velvet cake mix and baked them into cupcakes. After they cooled, I swirled cream cheese icing and sprinkled them with red sprinkles. They were so delish! Yummy! This past 4 day weekend was great. Friday Terry and I got off work really early so Terry and I took a trip to Goodwill and rented some redbox movies. Saturday Terry got off of work around 5 then we went to Ben and Audrey's house around 8:30 for pre-marital counseling. I got to meet Jovie for the first time. She is so unbelievably tiny... TOO cute! I love pre-marital counseling it is so much fun. I have learned a ton more about Terry. nothing bad... Funny things! Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and the Martin's and Bro. Brandon came. Good sermon and music. After that we of course, watched the Super Bowl... GO SAINTS! That was a great game and they totally deserved that win. Monday... Our first actual SNOW DAY in a long while about 7 inches of that pure, white, fluffy stuff called snow! It was tons of fun... Terry and I had a snow ball fight...Didn't really think snow would hurt that bad, but it was tons of fun! Although, I was out a day of work, I am very thankful I got to spend the day with my lovely, sweet fiance! Hope everyone has a great and wonderful rest of the night!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow... Actual Snow and Lots of it!

Well, didn't expect for us to get this much snow... Both Terry and I got the day of because our places of work shut down for the day. So I drove to Terry's house and we decided to go out and have a snow ball fight. It was so much fun!

In this picture because it was so bright out Jack couldn't even keep his eyes open.

Terry was building up a wall for our snowball fight... He is so funny sportin off his pink gloves!

Jack and I came back in after about 15 minutes because it was so cold!

The Lyles' House

My car and the snowman that the Lyles built earlier

Terry's car... Look at how thick the snow is!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

One man's trash is definitely the soon to be Lyles' Treasure!

So on our way to church tonight we were driving out of Terry's neighborhood and spotted some eye catchers hanging out beside the trash at the end of someone's driveway...

In the picture above. This is a nice computer desk needs some sanding and a coat of paint, but after that it will be PERFECT!

This is a pic of a side table also needs sanding and coat of paint!

This is the most crazy of them all! Looks practically brand new! Can't believe it, but we found a chest of drawers! Can't wait to sand and paint this! Terry and I have been looking for a used one at yard sales and such... And we found them in the most unexpected place ever... The TRASH! I am soooo Thankful someone found this to be of no use to them! Can't praise God enough for all the blessings we have received!

Uhh.. It's my turn!

On Saturday night Terry and I decided to go to Kyotos (YUM)for dinner and that we probably should get started on wedding registering, so we decided to go to Target! My favorite place to shop. At first Terry wasn't interested in this at all, but later as you will see he enjoyed scanning things. He wouldn't even let me have the wand. It was so much fun... Cute little date. Believe me if you see anything strange on our registry you'll know for sure it wasn't me. I loved being able to hang out and more importantly I got to see what his interests were in decor. NOT GOOD Ladies! LOL :) I love you Terry!

Clearly in this picture you can tell that he was enjoying himself!

I wanted a pic too! Just as a remembrance type thing!

Sorry Katie and Kuby we most definately stoled your idea, but ours didn't really turn out, but it is all gravy. We still had fun! Can't wait to be married July couldn't get here any faster!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Date Well Awaited :)

So everyone Terry and I have an exciting announcement to make! We set our date and have talked to both sets of parents. Let's just say our talks with our parents and their reactions were quite expected, but we both received their blessings, in which we are very thankful for. It is so hard to believe that Terry and I have been engaged for 11 months already. Even though it has been a long time already it definitely has been filled with fun times and great conversations. I am very blessed that I have a fiance who puts the Lord first in his life. Just to let everyone know before whoever starts making comments about our decision, that we are willing to take on ALL the responsibilities that comes with our decision. We know and understand that there will be times in our life that we may face struggles, but we humbly say that we couldn't be as prepared for this HUGE step without God being the one in complete control... I can't even begin to describe how much Terry's and my relationship has grown since we both came to the Lord a few years back! It has been incredible! We are also very thankful that God has put two very special people, such as Ben and Audrey Williams, in our lives. Their relationship with one another and with God in their marriage has been a complete inspiration to both me and Terry. They have been there for us whenever needed and we are so thankful for that. Well I know that people didn't read this blog because of all that useless information above, but it is my blog and I really want to remember this. I am extremely excited to be able to blog. Well here we go. Our date is......You ready?... It is JULY 10 , 2010!! Yes this summer and Yes in less than 6 months. We have already started pre-marital counseling with Ben Williams, who will be the one who marries Terry and I. Which this so far has been fun (even though it has only been one meeting!) We are super excited and I am so ready to start the whole wedding planning thing! Here is some of the things about our wedding that we have already discussed and both completely agree on:
* More than likely we will be having it at Meadow Brook Baptist Church
* Ben Williams will be marrying us
* It will be probably be around 3pm
* Colors are chocolate brown and ivory with the accent colors being lime green and turquoise!!
Well, that is pretty much all we got for know, but believe me I will be keeping up with my blog way more now that I have something to talk about. Anyways... Hopes everyone has a great Friday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I can't believe it!!!

Terry and I decided that we both were starting to look unhealthy and chubby! So 2 weeks ago we started this dieting/toning process which for me seems to be working... Anyways Terry and I decided that it would be best to cut out cokes and sugary drinks completely ( Terry isn't doing as great, but he has definately cut back), lessin the eating out (which works for two people with no money! lol!), cutting back on how much we eat in general (trying to eat more veggies and fruits instead of snackin on cookies and sweets) and exercising (we figured it probably would be a good idea in considering we are paying for it on a monthly basis and haven't been in about 6+ months). Well anyways needless to say I started out 2 weeks ago at 145 and now I weigh 138. Yay for me, I lost 7 pounds!!!! I don't know if Terry wants me to put his weight on my blog so I won't but he has lost a couple of pounds from cutting out the cokes and sweets! I am super excited. My goal is to get back to 125 and to loose some inches off my waist and thighs by the end of May! I am very confident that I can do this.

So today the schools were out for Martin Luther King Day, which was great because I was able to come home and rest after a long day at work. By long I mean working from 8:30-6 with eight 3 year olds. It was fun and I truly enjoyed it because I liked being able to interact with the kids (working with infants the isn't so much interaction.) We had tons of fun we played dress up and kitchen in the centers and I even got in the floor and played with the trucks and cars. Later on when we were just calming down for the day we played with play dough and then watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was GREAT. I am so thankful for my job and my wonderful boss who tries her hardest to give me the hours I need each week! More than anything I want to thank God for all the blessings that he has given me today. What a wondrous God I serve!

Friday, January 15, 2010

What an exhausting week!

So to start off, I would just like to say that my week has been filled with exhaustion. Needless to say, Terry and I started working out at ATC fitness again at least 3 times a week. I cannot begin to describe how out of shape we both are!...LOL Terry heard from this guy (that goes to our church) about the exercise program called P90X...Well Terry did it Wednesday morning and later that night ran 3 miles at the gym...umm yeah, he is SUPER sore! Also during this week I began school at NWCC. I have classes Monday- Thursday in the evening. I really like my teachers so far. The only one that i am not sure of is my British Lit II teacher... He is interesting, but at the same time I know I don't care to much for English so depending upon the way he teaches and his tests go will affect my grades! Well back to working pretty much full-time. I am so thankful for my boss she has been very understanding and has done everything she could to accomodate what I need...Anyways I know this isn't the longest blog, but unfortunately I have to get back to life and go to work...Hope everyone has an amazing day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A planned life that changed!

Ok.Ok... I know it has been awhile since my last post, and there have certainly been a lot of things going on. Since my last post Terry and I have enjoyed celebrating being together for 5 years, Thanksgiving with both sides, Christmas with both sides, and of course New Years!... anyways So yeah, love the holidays, but extremely happy that the madness has come and gone. Well lets see... Terry and I made it through our first semester of Ole Miss, which was extremely tough! Notice that I put Made it through in bold... This semester God has really been dealing with things in Terry's and my life... We have found through tons of prayer that Accounting and Pharmacy are not what he wants us to do and he has most definately made that clear... We both have never been so focused on school as we have this semester...Ole Miss in general is tough, but the more effort we put into studying the more God shut the door! Let's just say this semester has been extremely emotional. But Terry and I have faith that God will see us through... So far through prayer, lots of prayer we believe that God is moving Terry in the direction of Forensic Laboratory Science and youth worship leading and as for me God has moved me in the direction of teaching so this semester i will be finishing up my Associates degree at NWCC in Accounting and will be working on an Elementary Ed. Degree... Where this will lead we don't know, but we do know that we are putting God first and having complete faith that he will most definately see us through. There have been so many changes going on in our lives that I am not sure where to begin. I guess I could start with the whole marriage thing... I am excited to say that Terry and I have come up with a date for our wedding and we promise that everyone will know soon! We just want to be sure before we get anyones hopes up! And most importantly discuss this with both sets of parents first. So yeah the plans Terry and I thought we had obviously weren't in the will of God! If you do read this blog, I ask that you please keep Terry and I in your prayers. We would most definately appreciate it!