Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Date Well Awaited :)

So everyone Terry and I have an exciting announcement to make! We set our date and have talked to both sets of parents. Let's just say our talks with our parents and their reactions were quite expected, but we both received their blessings, in which we are very thankful for. It is so hard to believe that Terry and I have been engaged for 11 months already. Even though it has been a long time already it definitely has been filled with fun times and great conversations. I am very blessed that I have a fiance who puts the Lord first in his life. Just to let everyone know before whoever starts making comments about our decision, that we are willing to take on ALL the responsibilities that comes with our decision. We know and understand that there will be times in our life that we may face struggles, but we humbly say that we couldn't be as prepared for this HUGE step without God being the one in complete control... I can't even begin to describe how much Terry's and my relationship has grown since we both came to the Lord a few years back! It has been incredible! We are also very thankful that God has put two very special people, such as Ben and Audrey Williams, in our lives. Their relationship with one another and with God in their marriage has been a complete inspiration to both me and Terry. They have been there for us whenever needed and we are so thankful for that. Well I know that people didn't read this blog because of all that useless information above, but it is my blog and I really want to remember this. I am extremely excited to be able to blog. Well here we go. Our date is......You ready?... It is JULY 10 , 2010!! Yes this summer and Yes in less than 6 months. We have already started pre-marital counseling with Ben Williams, who will be the one who marries Terry and I. Which this so far has been fun (even though it has only been one meeting!) We are super excited and I am so ready to start the whole wedding planning thing! Here is some of the things about our wedding that we have already discussed and both completely agree on:
* More than likely we will be having it at Meadow Brook Baptist Church
* Ben Williams will be marrying us
* It will be probably be around 3pm
* Colors are chocolate brown and ivory with the accent colors being lime green and turquoise!!
Well, that is pretty much all we got for know, but believe me I will be keeping up with my blog way more now that I have something to talk about. Anyways... Hopes everyone has a great Friday.


  1. i am SO excited that you guys finally talked to your parents & that the date is firmly set!!! we will have so much doing the counseling & planning. i'm willing to help you do whatever you need & my mom is totally willing to help you with flowers. we should set up a meeting with her soon. we can do lunch or you can just come with me to her house one day. i'm so excited!!

    i hate that i'm stuck in the hospital right now. we missed being able to meet with ya'll saturday night & i hate that we won't be able to meet with you this saturday night. but the next time we meet, Jovie will be here!! i'm so excited for you to meet her!!!

    enjoy the engagement period. know that the Lord will provide for your lives together. you will absolutely LOVE marriage. its amazing.

    love you! have a great weekend!!

  2. Thank you so much Audrey. You and Ben mean the world to Terry and I. Thank you!
    (P.S) it was so much easier than we anticipated! lol! Love you Hope everything goes well and I can't wait to meet Jovie. Take care and I'll see you soon!