Sunday, January 31, 2010

Uhh.. It's my turn!

On Saturday night Terry and I decided to go to Kyotos (YUM)for dinner and that we probably should get started on wedding registering, so we decided to go to Target! My favorite place to shop. At first Terry wasn't interested in this at all, but later as you will see he enjoyed scanning things. He wouldn't even let me have the wand. It was so much fun... Cute little date. Believe me if you see anything strange on our registry you'll know for sure it wasn't me. I loved being able to hang out and more importantly I got to see what his interests were in decor. NOT GOOD Ladies! LOL :) I love you Terry!

Clearly in this picture you can tell that he was enjoying himself!

I wanted a pic too! Just as a remembrance type thing!

Sorry Katie and Kuby we most definately stoled your idea, but ours didn't really turn out, but it is all gravy. We still had fun! Can't wait to be married July couldn't get here any faster!

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  1. I'm excited for ya'll. It looks like you had a blast. Love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mom