Monday, January 18, 2010

I can't believe it!!!

Terry and I decided that we both were starting to look unhealthy and chubby! So 2 weeks ago we started this dieting/toning process which for me seems to be working... Anyways Terry and I decided that it would be best to cut out cokes and sugary drinks completely ( Terry isn't doing as great, but he has definately cut back), lessin the eating out (which works for two people with no money! lol!), cutting back on how much we eat in general (trying to eat more veggies and fruits instead of snackin on cookies and sweets) and exercising (we figured it probably would be a good idea in considering we are paying for it on a monthly basis and haven't been in about 6+ months). Well anyways needless to say I started out 2 weeks ago at 145 and now I weigh 138. Yay for me, I lost 7 pounds!!!! I don't know if Terry wants me to put his weight on my blog so I won't but he has lost a couple of pounds from cutting out the cokes and sweets! I am super excited. My goal is to get back to 125 and to loose some inches off my waist and thighs by the end of May! I am very confident that I can do this.

So today the schools were out for Martin Luther King Day, which was great because I was able to come home and rest after a long day at work. By long I mean working from 8:30-6 with eight 3 year olds. It was fun and I truly enjoyed it because I liked being able to interact with the kids (working with infants the isn't so much interaction.) We had tons of fun we played dress up and kitchen in the centers and I even got in the floor and played with the trucks and cars. Later on when we were just calming down for the day we played with play dough and then watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was GREAT. I am so thankful for my job and my wonderful boss who tries her hardest to give me the hours I need each week! More than anything I want to thank God for all the blessings that he has given me today. What a wondrous God I serve!

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