Sunday, January 31, 2010

One man's trash is definitely the soon to be Lyles' Treasure!

So on our way to church tonight we were driving out of Terry's neighborhood and spotted some eye catchers hanging out beside the trash at the end of someone's driveway...

In the picture above. This is a nice computer desk needs some sanding and a coat of paint, but after that it will be PERFECT!

This is a pic of a side table also needs sanding and coat of paint!

This is the most crazy of them all! Looks practically brand new! Can't believe it, but we found a chest of drawers! Can't wait to sand and paint this! Terry and I have been looking for a used one at yard sales and such... And we found them in the most unexpected place ever... The TRASH! I am soooo Thankful someone found this to be of no use to them! Can't praise God enough for all the blessings we have received!

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  1. these will look great when you are done.
    look at this blog:

    she shows nothing but before & after furniture pieces so you could get some great ideas on how to do it.